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10/01/2013   Member ID Cards - Correction on ID Numbers
Some new member ID cards that were recently issued contain three extra digits (001 through 005) at the end of the member ID number. The ID number should only have seven numeric digits. New cards are being sent to affected members. For more information, see ID Card Notice to Providers.
9/20/2013   Presentations from Provider Meetings Held on 9/18/2013:
POS Overview  (PDF)
Clinix Healthcare (new authorizations administrator)  (PDF)
Zenith-American (new claims administrator)  (PDF)
9/18/2013   Provider Information Packet now available
    Includes contact information for new plan administrators, FAQ, samples of the new member cards, and sample forms.

General Information

The County of Kern Point of Service (POS) Employee Medical Plan is the County's most popular employee medical plan option. Even though the County now offers a total of four medical plans, including Kaiser Permanente, the County of Kern EPO (Managed Care Systems), and the Kern Legacy Health Plan EPO, the POS plan still holds the largest membership with more than 13,000 lives. From 2009 - September 20, 2013, the POS plan was administered under contract with Managed Care Systems. As of September 21, 2013, claims administration is provided by Zenith American Solutions and authorization services by Clinix Healthcare.

If you are not yet contracted with the POS plan's new independent provider network, the Kern Health Care Network, please see the Interested Providers page for additional information.

Important Dates

September 16, 2013: New member ID cards will begin to be issued.

September 20, 2013: Last day Managed Care Systems (MCS) will accept claims. All claims received by MCS after this date will be rejected and sent back to the provider to resubmit to the new Bakersfield claims office (Zenith American Solutions).

September 23, 2013: Please note that active POS members may show as "Not Active" on the MCS/GEMCare provider portal beginning September 23.

September 23, 2013: All NEW authorizations, claims and appeals will be processed by the new vendors.  Contact Information for New vendors

September 30, 2013: Managed Care Systems has begun issuing authorizations with a term date of September 30. However, the Plan will continue to honor all open authorizations for 90 days from date of issue.

Check back for updated information on submitting claims and authorization requests.

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